Functional. Affordable. Responsibly Sourced. HOMWorks is a brand you can trust.

At HOMWorks, we’re passionate about designing and delivering quality products that will save you time (and money!). From everyday lunches to your busiest gatherings, we are committed to bringing you affordable, reliable solutions that will make your life easier – no matter the occasion. Trust HOMWorks to take care of the little details, so you can get back to what really matters! 

Our Mission

HOMWorks was founded on trust and we continue to put reliability at the forefront of our company. While you focus on taking care of your family, HOMWorks promises to deliver reliable products while maintaining quality and affordability. Starting with our factories, HOMWorks promises to remain transparent, so you can trust the products you love come from a responsible source. With every product, our mission is to ensure you can trust us every step of the way. From our factories to your home, HOMWorks is there for you.

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Available at most regional grocery stores

Our Factories

Meet our valued partners! Together, we are committed to designing, creating, and delivering the products you love at a price you can trust.


We proudly source many of our products right here in the United States. Our wipe factory is located in Chatsworth, California, and produces all of our trusted cleaning products. That’s right! Our Alcohol Wipes are all manufactured locally. You can rest assured, knowing your products are high quality and made by a factory that follows strict labor and production standards


We have six factories across China that we hand-selected for their ongoing commitment to excellence in product production, labor standards, and ethical standards. In every HOMWorks factory, we adhere to high labor and product standards, and we make sure that our facility workers are well cared for. From face masks to paper plates, our factories are committed to creating high quality products that are ethically sourced and perform when you need them most.


We have three factories across Vietnam that we carefully selected based upon their value of ethical practices and commitment to product excellence. Our cutlery, straws, and coffee stirrers are all made in Vietnam in factories that follow strict workplace standards and have high expectations for product quality. As a responsible supplier, we prioritize safety, ethics, and productivity, so you can feel confidence bringing our products to your table.



When you’re looking to protect your family, you need a simple solution you can trust.

KN95 Masks

3-Ply Masks

Cleaning & Disinfectant

A clean home is a safe home with HOMWorks cleaning and disinfecting products.



Table Top

From everyday dinners to hosting large gatherings, HOMWorks products has what you need.